Sticking It Out

Do you want to quit? Is there some grass that looks really green somewhere else? Sometimes the temptations to run away from our current situations is really strong. You probably have a good idea of where you want your career to be in the next 5-10 years, and it’s really easy to focus on the things that seem to be standing in your way. We see that something is not working where we are, so we decide it might be easier just to run where things seem to be working better. But remember one thing: where you see a good thing going, you can bet that there is a person behind it who wanted to give up and run away but decided to stick it out.

There is a reason that few are truly successful. Before great things happen, there are often times of discouragement, setbacks, and opposition. Instead of sticking to our guns and working through these difficulties, we often choose to run away from them and chase an easier path. But know this: that easier path is a mirage; it doesn’t exist. The struggles may look different and may show themselves in different areas of your life, but they will still be there waiting for you. Those who have the fortitude to stand there ground and keep fighting through the hard times will be the few that come out on the side of true success.

Certainly, there are times when leaving where you are is what you need to do. But the motivation should never be to get away from your problems because this is the impossible dream. If you want to leave where you are to chase an exciting new possibility, then it may be time for a change and for you to go for it. But if you are just wanting to run away from your problems, let me encourage you to commit right now that you are going to stick it out. Make some game plans, set some goals, and get to work on dealing with the problems that bother you. The presence of hard things is a good sign. It means there is something worth working for on the other side.


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